EMS Primo 960 IFC System (2-ch)

The Primo Interferential 960 uses a mid-frequency electrical signal to treat muscular spasms and strains which makes it particularly effective in treating acute injuries, especially in sport. The interferential therapy is used to relieve pain, stimulate muscles, increase local blood flow and reduces oedema.

Interferential therapy employs medium frequency interferential currents used in 2 or 4-pole configurations to produce a low frequency stimulation effect. Interferential therapy overcomes the problem of skin impedance by using a lower frequency. At 50 Hz (faradic current) the impedance for a 100 cm2 of skin is approximately 3000 ohms. At 4000 Hz (medium frequency-medi-wave) the skin impedance of the same area is around 50 ohms. This means that a much lower voltage signal can be used to produce the desired current, resulting in less skin sensation and a more comfortable treatment. This medium frequency is, however, well outside of the normal biological frequency range (0.1 to 250 Hz).

In order to produce the required stimulation, two medium frequencies are used. These two frequencies interfere' to produce amplitude modulated medium frequency (beat frequency) in the tissue. The tissue responds to the cyclic rise and fall in the current intensity. It is the amplitude modulation frequency (AMF) that is within the normal biological frequency range and not the medium frequency (carrier).


  • Touch screen technology
  • Three carrier frequencies: 2kHz, 4kHz and 8kHz
  • 0-100mA peak constant current or constant voltage, depending upon mode
  • Treatment protocols: Pain relief, Oedema, Stimulate local blood flow, OA Knee, Chronic low back pain, Acute low back pain, Fibromyalgia, Trigger points, Post operative knee pain, Fracture healing, Stress incontinence, Urge incontinence, Constipation (children)
  • 2 independent output channels which allow 2 different treatments
  • Operates in conjunction with EMS vacuum unit if required
  • Easy wipe clean reducing the risk of cross-infection
  • Mains powered as standard, optional battery available