Bon Vital' Naturale Massage Creme - 1 Gallon

Bon Vital´ Naturalé Massage Crème has been specifically formulated with natural ingredients. Jojoba Oil base enriched with Sea Algae, Japanese Green Tea, and Hops Extracts makes this the perfect choice for professionals looking for a natural massage creme. Bon Vital´ Naturalé Massage Crème is great for full body massage and all types of modalities. Water dispersible. Paraben Free and unscented.

  • All-natural massage cream.
  • Formulated with a jojoba oil base.
  • Enriched with sea algae and green tea botanical extracts.
  • Excellent glide and moisture-locking capability.
  • Ideal for all techniques.
  • Contains no nut oils.
  • Unscented and paraben-free