Chattanooga Intelect RPW Shockwave Therapy

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Intelect RPW incorporates touch screen technology for vivid, accurate treatment selection. The easy-to-use menu system provides reliable selection of all necessary parameters for easy set-up and treatment.

  • Unique "Ramp Up" feature allows gradual increase in intensity (pressure) during the treamtent. Allows comfortable progression to patient pain tolerance, then the clinician can complete the treatment at the optimal level
  • Touch screen menu provides one-touch access to Quick-link Indications, 80 Clinical Protocols, on-screen colour Anatomical Library, hand piece placement images, clinical information and contraindications, and the ability to save up to 200 treatment settings
  • Shockwave pressure up to 5 bar, Shockwave frequency range of 0.5 - 21 Hz.
  • 2 Channel Output Connections - allows the connection of 2 hand pieces for quick and efficient use of available applicators
  • Convenient storage rack for hand pieces and other accessories
  • Includes Ro40-15mm and D20-20mm transmitter tips
  • Includes 3 sets of Revisions (initial set up plus a Double Revision Kit) for a total of 3 Million shocks with original purchase
  • Additional Revision Kits available

    Available applicators include:

    D-ACTOR Applicator (included)
    This is the standard applicator for Intelect Shockwave. Features a foam grip handle for comfort, and interchangeable tips. The D-20 and Ro40 tips are included, with others available separately. 
    Applications: Myofascial trigger points • Other disorders of tendon insertions • Activation of muscle and connective tissue • Acupuncture shock wave therapy • Muscle and connective tissue tightening • Elimination of lymphatic congestion Regulation of muscle tone Medical massage

    V-ACTOR Applicator (optional, part #CSW-250)
    The V-ACTOR applicator is an ideal complement to Radial Wave Therapy and provides additional applications for your Shockwave system.

    • Stimulates metabolism and accelerates the elimination of waste products
    • Medical massage Lymphatic drainage
    • Tightens tissue through muscular stimulation
    • Offers a relaxing wellness experience


    • Myofacial Trigger Points - Localising and deactivating trigger points
    • Activation of muscle and connective tissue - Increasing circulation, Pulse vibration massage
    • Disorder of tendon insertions:
    • Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain, or heel spur
    • Tendinosis calcarea/supraspinatus-tendon
    • Radial and ulnar humeral epicondylitis
    • Achillodynia
    • Retropatellar pain syndrome
    • Tibial edge syndrome
    • Proximal iliotibial band friction syndrome/trochanteric
    • Insertional tendonitis


    The short video below provides an overview of both Chattanooga Intelect Clinical RPW and Intelect Mobile RPW Shockwave Therapy Devices.

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