Embrace Prop-Air Sleeper

PropAir ~ Increasing back comfort in bed

Recently, this same air bladder technology has been shown to reduce disc stress while sleeping. This resulted in the "PropAir sleeper."

Lying on the back causes the low back to flatten to the mattress causing spine flexion. Many people have flexion-triggered pain making back sleeping painful. Pain will increase your sensitivity to more pain during the day - eliminating pain while lying will help wind down your pain sensitivity.

Take the test: To assess whether the Propair will help you try this. Place the hands palms down under the low back while lying. If comfort is increased, then the support provided by the PropAir will enhance your sleeping comfort. Some type of back pain will not be helped with the PropAir for example certain conditions of stenosis and spondylolisthesis.

Others will find relief while side lying by placing the PropAir between the ribcage and hip to avoid painful side bending.

Incorrect Spinal Alignment Without the Prop-Air Sleeper

Correct Spinal Alignment with the Prop-Air Sleeper

The optimal level of support is tuned to any mattress, or spine shape, using the hand activated air pump. The plush velour material against the person and the silk material interface with the bed sheets facilitates easy sliding and turning.