Landice CX8 LTD Elliptical Cross Trainer

Cross Training at New Levels!
A totally new and exciting way to workout. The Landice CX8 LTD Elliptical Cross Trainer represents the most innovative, technologically advanced elliptical trainer available. The CX8 LTD is not just one machine. It provides multiple levels of lower and upper body workouts utilizing patented Variable Motion and CardioCore technologies. And with its ultra-smooth electronic incline you get up to a 60% gradient without the noise, vibration or maintenance found with other ramp and roller based elliptical trainers.

Ramp-less Electric Incline
Only the CX8 can change both the incline and the shape of its elliptical motion. Twelve distinct incline settings can change the feel from that of a conventional elliptical trainer to a more sophisticated ramp based incline trainer, all the way up to the motion of an extreme hiker.

4 Machines in 1
Conventional Elliptical
Incline Trainer
Extreme Hiker
Core Trainer

CardioCore Arm Motion
Unlike the conventional push-pull arm motion found on other elliptical trainers, Landice's patented rotational arm motion provides a more bio-mechanically correct arm swing that replicates the across-the-body arm motion found when walking or running.

Toning and Strengthening Program
The CX8's patented CardioCore™ motion provides the ability to isolate your abdominal muscles so you can target and tone your core. Through a series of arm grips and squats, you can cycle through various levels of exercise from easy to heart-pumping. Combine your upper-body workout with forward and reverse pedaling, and you'll feel why the Landice CX Elliptical Cross-Trainer is your ultimate fitness partner.

Knee-stress Reduction
Other ramp based ellipticals create a forceful up-and-down motion that compresses the legs and adds stress to the knees. The Landice CX8's unique motion allows time for your knee to swing out before your leg rises, which significantly reduces impact on the knees.

Additional Features and Specs

  • Patented Electronic Variable Motion
  • 12 motion levels
  • 0% to 60% incline (0 to 31 degrees)
  • 18" to 32" stride path
  • Patented CardioCore™ Arm Motion
  • 750 watt eddy current brake
  • 16 effort levels
  • Cardio Control Panel
  • Time, distance and calorie goal programs
  • 4 built-in programs
  • 5 user defined programs
  • CardioCore™ abdominal strengthening program
  • Heart rate control program
  • Watts control program
  • iPhone, iPad docking station
  • MP3 player stereo connectivity
  • 3-Speed adjustable fan
  • 100 decibel stereo speakers
  • 72" x 36" footprint
  • 00 pound user weight capacity
  • 120 VAC, 60Hz, 15A

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