SpiderTech Neck Precut Tape, Specify Colour

Neck pain is most commonly associated with muscle strains or ligament and tendon strains. It can often be caused by whiplash, and is often a symptom of conditions that require specific treatments and medication. People who experience neck pain often complain of a dull ache that increases when they turn their heads. The SpiderTech Neck Spider can provide relief of minor and moderate neck pain without the use of pills, medicated gels or creams. Completely waterproof and able to stay in place for up to five days, the SpiderTech Neck Spider alleviates neck pain for many people who want relief without having to take medicine.

A professionally engineered, dynamic therapeutic support for the muscles supporting the neck.

The neck will have much of the same injuries as the low back, herniations and arthritis or degeneration. The muscles of the neck also connect to the shoulder so they will oftentimes get overused and tight. They also are areas that hold a lot of stress so they can become filled with tender points and 'knots' (tight fascial adhesions or bands). The head and neck can feel compressed and there will be pain moving the head through all motions, especially at the end of the available ranges. The muscles will be very tight and can be tender to the touch. Tight muscles in the neck and top of the shoulders can also be a cause of headaches.

Wearing the Neck Spider can help with the following conditions:

  • Neck strain
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Postoperative rehabilitation

Active, dynamic support for the neck area:

  • Decreased minor pain and enhanced support while still being able to move freely
  • Improved performance
  • Aids in the prevention of further injury
  • Provides protection during healing

SpiderTech Neck Spider is available in 4 colours - Blue, Pink, Black, and Beige.
Please specify colour when ordering.