SpiderTech Full Knee Spider Precut Tape Clinic Pack (10), Specify Colour

Knee pain is one of the most prevalent forms of joint pain. Knee pain generally occurs as the result of one of three causes. Injury, disease and mechanical issues. Injuries are the most common cause of knee pain. There is almost always acute knee pain when people injure their knees, and there is often chronic pain in the knee long after an injury has occurred. The SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape Knee Precut and Upper Knee Spider can support injured knees, reduce the pain associated with them, and contribute to the healing process. The most common form of disease that causes knee pain is arthritis, and osteoarthritis, which is the degeneration of cartilage in the knee, is the most common form of disease that causes knee pain. As is the case with acute pain, SpiderTech Full Knee Spiders and Upper Knee Spiders can help to reduce and alleviate chronic pain while supporting the knee during normal day-to-day activity.

Knee taping is a common way for athletes to prevent injury and help maintain an athlete's ability to perform. When an athlete tapes their knee, it promotes a conscious effort to treat that body area with care. Using kinesiology tape, knee instability can be improved, as can shaky joints or muscles that may be overly tired. Knee support for runners is crucial to proper form and endurance.

Knee injuries can often lead to surgery, from a simple debridement (clean out) to a total joint replacement. After injury, the quadriceps muscle can atrophy and weaken. After surgery, the knee will joint can be very swollen and it will feel unstable because of the weakness of the thigh muscle. Sometimes there is less sensation because of the swelling and the incision sites. The knee requires more stimulation and support so that you can put weight through the leg and start contracting the muscles.

A professionally engineered, dynamic therapeutic support for the muscles around the knee joint designed to promote the restoration of functional joint stability through neurosensory mechanisms.

Wearing the Full Knee Spider can help with the following conditions:

  • Improved athletic performance
  • Patello-femoral joint instability
  • Ligament strains
  • Postoperative rehabilitation
  • Decreased minor pain and enhanced functional stability
  • Improved performance
  • Aids in the prevention of further injury
  • Provides protection during healing

Other Product Attributes:

  • Premium Clinical Grade Kinesio Tape for Muscle Pain, Joint Pain and Ligament Rehabilitation in knees
  • Long-Lasting, Latex-Free, Water and Sweat Resistant, 100% Cotton Original NITTO DENKO Japanese Material
  • Professionally engineered for prevention and relief of Tendinitis, Arthritis, Runner's Knee and Postoperative Recovery
  • Improved flexibility, circulation, stability, balance and strengthening of core muscles
  • Used by Medical Professionals, Athletes and Olympians to help improve performance

SpiderTech Full Knee is available in 4 colours - Blue, Pink, Black, and Beige.
Please specify colour when ordering.