The revolutionary new THERA-Balance Trainer offers Dynamic and Static Standing in one device

  • Patients with little or no standing ability are able to stand safely with confidence to perform daily exercise
  • Movement range of the Balance Trainer demands sensory, motor and cognitive activity from the patient
  • Safe environnment reduces fear of falling, allowing patient and therapist to focus on the therapy
  • Highly effective for balance training with paraplegics, MS, stroke, brain injury, geriatrics and more
  • Promotes stability in the hip and upper body, trunk and legs. Also provides improved circulation, perception training, and builds confidence.

Professional use in rehabilitation

The BALANCE-Trainer allows safe dynamic standing by transferring the patient's weight to the BALANCE-Trainer. As a therapist you can concentrate better on your therapeutic work. Practicing functional movements like the lunge or the weight shift can be performed much easier and - most importantly - safer for both, the patient and the therapist.

New! BALANCE-software (optional)

  • Biofeedback displays movement and motivates patients
  • Documents training progress, offers several therapy exercises
  • Adjustable degree of difficulty for exercises
  • Therapy evaluation through picture and print-out
  • Wireless data transfer for PC

How does BALANCE-Trainer help you?

  • more stability in the hip and in the upper body
  • balance training
  • partial weight relief
  • tonus is decreased
  • stabilization of circulation
  • osteoporosis prophylaxis
  • positive effects on the evacuation of the upper urinary tract
  • positive effects on digestion
  • contracture prophylaxis
  • improvement of the respiration
  • training of the perception
  • social integration

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  • Balance function with adjustable stiffness
  • Releasing and locking of the balance function at 6° and 12°
  • Stable frame with four locking casters
  • Metal foot plate with heel cups and foot straps
  • Wooden table with cushioned cut-out for the body
  • Height adjustment of table with help of gas spring support
  • Hand rail height right/left adjustable
  • Patient size: approx. 150 - 200 cm, Patient weight: max. 140 kg


  • paraplegia / tetraplegia
  • multiple sclerosis
  • stroke / hemiplegia
  • muscular disorders
  • danger of falling due to age


Watch this short Demonstration Video on the use and applications of THERA-BALANCE Trainer.