Revision Kit for RPW-2 and RPW-LITE Shockwave Systems

This Revision Kit is compatible with all shockwave systems using the SPARROW or FALCAN hand pieces, including:

  • Chattanooga Intelect RPW-2 Shockwave
  • Chattanooga RPW-Lite Shockwave
  • Newer style Storz Shockwaves that use Falcan applicator (Masterpuls MP-50, MP-100, MP-200) 

This is a double revision kit and includes the parts for two complete revisions of your hand piece. Each revision is good for 1 million shocks (2M shocks in total with this kit).


  • 2x projectiles
  • 2x guiding tubes short
  • 2x o-ring set
  • 1x o-ring guide