Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Lotion - 1 Gallon

If you like the clean absorption of a lotion but need more glide and workability for deep and relaxing massage, Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Lotion is the solution.

Biotone's Advanced Therapy Lotion maintains a gentle drag and extended, lasting performance for less re-applications.  Enjoy optimal manipulation of skin and muscle with more glide and easy workability.

Its unique blend offers therapists the unique combination of an effective lubricant with nothing to irritate even the most sensitive, delicate skin.  Requires less re-applications - if any at all - than typical lotions so you can keep a smooth flow to your session.

Based with Apricot Oil to soften skin, Grapeseed Oil for its exceptional light texture and non-greasy finish and Sesame Oil, which soothes and moisturizes all skin types, and can aid eczema and psoriasis. Sensitivity tested and proven safe, this paraben-free formula contains no drying alcohol, mineral or nut oils or strong fragrance so you can use it as frequently as you'd like.