Cefar Rehab X2 NMES

The Cefar Rehab X2 oers 30 programs covering a large number of indications for TENS and NMES, and a set of standard accessories that includes a hand switch for advanced muscle stim treatments.

The TENS programs includes mixed frequency and Cefar FLOW TENS*. The NMES set includes preset intermittent programs for both orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation, alternating stimulation, strength programs with active rest, warm up, recovery and massage programs.


Cefar EASY TOUCH Automatic amplitude adjustment: Cefar Easy Touch helps the patient to easily find the right level of stimulation and to enhance the most effective treatment.

Programming function: In addition to the pre-programmed protocols, there are three custom slots for saving your own treatment parameters. All possible variations in both continuous and intermittent stimulation can be set.

Cefar Clinical Guide (CCG) Extensive information regarding the most common indications is added to the User Manual. You will find guidelines and suggested programs with photos of electrode placements for the most used indications of orthopaedics, pain and neurology.

Timer: There is a suggested preset treatment time for all the programs, but an option to change the timing individually up to 99 minutes.

Hand Switch: The hand switch helps the patient to get an effective and individual stimulation by allowing them to manually control the time of contractions in intermittent stimulation programs.

Other features: Program pause; Program lock, Compliance and Self check


The Cefar Rehab X2 offers 27 pre-set programs and 3 slots for saving your custom settings.

To view the complete specifications of the saved programs CLICK HERE.



  • Offers a wide variety of pain relief programs including mixed frequency and the unique Cefar FLOW TENS.
  • *Cefar FLOW TENS: A preset program with a new comfortable way of stimulation. By using both channels (four electrodes) at the same time, you obtain pain relief together with a pleasant massaging, pumping feeling. Recommended to be used on larger areas of the body, like the back, neck, hip or shoulder area.


  • Rehab programs for neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Alternating stimulation, strength programs with active rest, warm up, recovery and massage programs