Chattanooga Intelect Advanced Vacuum Module w/ Cart

Complementary to standard rubber electrodes and an alternative to self-adhesive electrodes, the vacuum module allows for fast and easy set up of IFC treatments.

The Intelect Vacuum Module is conveniently housed inside the Intelect Therapy cart, replacing one of the storage drawers.

  • Easy connection to any Intelect Advanced Electrotherapy or Combination unit
  • 2 channel module for IFC. A second vacuum module can be added into the Therapy Cart for use with 4 channel units.
  • Quick control knobs make adjustment of cup strength simple
  • Unique positioning of vacuum in Therapy cart allows for efficient draining into resevoir below and makes reservoir bin cleaning easily accessible
  • Various sizes of Vacuum Electrode Cups available


Standard Accessories:

  • 56852 - 60 mm Vacuum Electrodes (4x)
  • 56806 - 60 mm Vacuum Sponges (4x)
  • 27745 - Channel 1 Vacuum Lead Hose (2x)
  • 27746 - Channel 2 Vacuum Lead Hose (2x)
  • 27455 - User Manual on CD

Optional Accessories:

  • Intelect® Advanced - 30 mm Vacuum Electrode Cups
  • Intelect® Advanced - 30 mm Vacuum Sponges
  • Intelect® Advanced - 90 mm Vacuum Sponges
  • Intelect® Advanced - 90 mm Vacuum Electrode Cups

Price includes Vacuum Module and Therapy Cart