Chattanooga Optiflex K1 Knee CPM Unit w/ Standard Pendent

Continuous Passive Motion is a postoperative procedure designed to aid in the recovery after joint surgery.

After extensive joint surgery, if a patient fails to move their joint the tissue around the joint will become stiff and scar tissue may form, resulting in a joint with limited range of motion. This often takes months of physical therapy to recover from. Continuous Passive Motion can help prevent this from ocurring.

The OptiFlex-K1 Knee CPM is available with three different hand controls for maximum versatility and comes with one Patient Kit included.

Hand Controller Functions:
The OptiFlex K1 is available with three different hand controls, Classic, Standard and Comfort. Each offers a different level of functionality on the K1 CPM as shown below.

Function Classic Standard Comfort
Key lock function: Yes Yes Yes
Pauses: Yes Yes Yes
Speed: Yes Yes Yes
Timer: No Yes Yes
Reverse on load: No Yes Yes
Warm up protocol: No Yes Yes
Default setting: No Yes Yes
Transport setting: No Yes Yes
Chip card selectable: No No Yes
EROM repeat: No No Yes
Stretch protocols: No No Yes
Workout protocol: No No Yes
Comfort protocol: No No Yes
Therapy documentation: No No Yes
EMS control: No No Yes


  • ROM -10 to 120
  • Accommodates patients 4 ft to 6.6 ft (1.2 m - 2 m)
  • Reversible footplate for shorter legs
  • Faster motor speed
  • Weighs just 23 lbs (10.4 kg), making it the lightest knee CPM on the market
  • Only 38 inches (97 cm) long
  • Wide low-profile, closed-base frame for stability
  • Patient lockout feature
  • Two-year warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Knee Flexion: 120°
  • Knee Extension: -10°
  • Speed: 25° - 180°/minute
  • Pauses: 0 - 59 seconds
  • Force Reversal: 45 Kp of force* (built in)
  • Patient Height: 4 - 6.5 ft (1.2 - 2 m)
  • Calf Length Range: 10" - 22" (25.4 - 55.9 cm)
  • Thigh Length Range: 12" - 19" (30.4 - 48.2 cm)
  • Mains Power: 100V-240V, AC 50-60Hz
  • Unit Weight: 23 lb (10.4 kg)
  • Dimensions: 38" x 14" x 9" (97 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm)