Chattanooga Wireless Professional NMES - 4 Channel

The Wireless Professional offers a breakthrough in performing active Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation!

The new Wireless technology allows the patient to be free of wires and provides total freedom of movement!
This device reinvents functional rehabilitation as we know it: a combination of e-stim with active exercise allowing you to improve therapy efficacy!

Introducing Muscle Intelligence: Mi-Technology™ offers personalized stimulation, adapted to your patient's physiology!

Mi-Technology: What is it?
Mi-Technology stands for Muscle Intelligence: The stimulator uses special sensors in the wireless electrodes to provide feedback and optimize the parameters for each treatment. There are four Mi-Technology functions:
  • Mi-Scan - sends short bursts of stimulation to the muscle, varying the pulse duration according to the Strength Duration Curve to determine the optimal pulse duration for that muscle. The stimulator then locks that pulse duration in for this session. The resulting treatment is perfectly optimized to provide a strong, efficient and yet extremely comfortable contraction.
  • Mi-Action - the stimuator prompts the patient to initiate a voluntary contraction. When it senses the contraction, it then begins stimulation of the muscle. The stimulator is working in harmony with the voluntary movement of the patient through each repetition.
  • Mi-TENS - a special TENS pain management program that offers continuous control of the stimulation intensity in order to eliminate unwanted contractions during a pain relief program.
  • Mi-Range - In order to enhance optimal muscle twitches in low frequency programs (i.e. Endorphinic) the mi-RANGE indicates the minimum intensity level to the therapist.

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Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Wireless technology: Gives you and your patient total freedom of movement during therapy.
  • Muscle intelligence technology: Offers personalized stimulation, adapted to your patient's physiology. mi-SCAN, mi-TENS, mi-RANGE, mi-ACTION function available on every module.
  • 71 unique programs: Covering Pain relief, Rehabilitation, Vascular, Neurologic rehabilitation, Conditioning and Aesthetic categories.
  • Docking station: Conveniently charges and stores the unit and all wireless modules so they are always ready.
  • Favorite programs: Direct access to your Favourites with three clicks to start
  • All the information at hand: Electrode placements, program parameters and program explanation directly available in the remote control.
  • +TENS function: The +TENS function allows you to combine a TENS program with another program.
  • A detailed Practical Guide: Guidelines, treatment recommendations and programs explanations are provided.
  • Motor point pen: This useful tool together with the dedicated program helps ensure the optimal electrode placement.
  • Two years warranty

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