FORCE Large Disinfecting Wipes (900 wipes, 8"x6")

FORCE Disinfecting Wipes are large 8" x 6" towelettes that provide fast and effective disinfection against 49 pathogens without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals.

Use them in non-critical medical environments to meet stringent infection control standards, as well as in daycares, schools, restaurants, workspaces and other facilities to prevent illness. Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting all-in-one.

FORCE Disinfecting Wipes:

  • 900 Large Towelettes 8” X 6” (20 X 15cm)
  • Effective against 49 total pathogens including CA-MRSA, novovirus, coronavirus, influenza, SARS and H1N1. *
  • EPA registered (6836-340-82144), NSF listed (156080) and Health Canada approved (DIN 02486105).
  • Multi-surface compatible: safe for glass, steel, wood, leather and vinyl.
  • Can be used to clean touchscreens, electronics and tools.
  • No alcohol, phenol, ammonia, bleach or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Large textured towelettes made from premium materials.
  • No rinsing required.
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating.


Download the full Specifications sheet: Click Here