Hoist Elite Multi-Gym with V1 Press Arm

The Hoist Elite Multi-gym is sleek and attractive with a compact design requiring minimal floor space. The base unit is economically priced and offers all the common exercise functions. Advanced functionality is available from an impressive list of Optional Upgrades and Attachments.

The advantage of the Elite Gym is the patented leg station which allows the user to perform both leg extension and leg curl exercises from the seated position.

Product Width: 48.25" (123 cm)
Product Height: 83.50" (212 cm)
Product Length: 80.50" (204 cm)
Machine Weight: 609 lbs. (276 kg)


  • The base model includes the standard V1 Press Arm
  • A range-of-motion adjuster provides multiple starting positions for both leg extension and leg curl exercises
  • Self-aligning roller pads adjust automatically to accommodate varying leg lengths
  • Multi-function back pad provides both telescoping and tilting adjustments for enhanced upper body support during chest, shoulder and back exercises
  • Unit comes with standard weight stack of 150 lbs. Optional 50lb. weight stack upgrade available (200 lbs. total ) for additional charge

Optional Upgrades and Attachments (Click here for details on these upgrades):

  • Press Arm Upgrades: V3 and V4 Press Arms (details below)
  • Stationary Leg Press attachment
  • Hi-Lo Cable Column attachment

For details on the Elite Gym and all Optional equipment, download the Hoist Elite Multi-Gym Brochure under the Related Files tab.

Press Arm Upgrades Overview

  • The V3 press arm is designed to simulate freeweight exercises and features a 3-dimensional exercise movement allowing you to perform flat, incline, decline presses or fly exercises.
  • The V4 is the ultimate press arm combining the range-of-motion adjustment of the V1 with the user-defined exercise movement of the V3 press arm. The versatile V4 press arm also includes attachable strap handles to further increase your workout choices

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