Hoist H-2200 Multi-Gym, 2 Stack

The Hoist HD-2200 Compact 2-stack gym provides an uncompromised range of exercises commonly found in health clubs.

Space saving "L" shaped design fits easily into a corner and efficiently accommodates 2 users. Convenient built-in attachment rack keeps straps and exercise bars within easy reach. Easy Glide inserts eliminate metal-to-metal wear and friction. Patented range-of-motion feature allows quick adjustment for body size and strength preference.

STATION 1: Rigid Arm Lat Pulldown, Leg Press, High Pulley:

  • Counter-balanced arm and self-aligning handles provide a smooth, natural feel to the lat pulldown
  • Angled thigh brace rollers on the lat pulldown allow you to quickly and easily slip into position without the need for adjustment.
  • The self-aligning foot plate on the leg press station automatically adjusts during the exercise to follow the natural movement of your feet, taking the strain off your ankles.
  • The 2:1 Split Weight Cabling ratio on the leg press provides 400 pounds of exercise resistance.
  • The high pulley station allows you to perform triceps pushdown exercises.

STATION 2: Chest Press, Mid Row, Leg Extension, Standing Leg Curl:

  • Choose between the traditional fixed press arm with range of motion or the optional patented 3-D articulating press arm.
  • Low and mid pulley stations allow you to perform a variety of upper and lower body exercises.
  • Dual adjusters on the back pad offer both telescoping and angular adjustments to provide proper positioning and back support.
  • Locking pull pin provides stable pad positioning.

Specifications: 101.5"L x 84.0"W x 82.25"H , Weight: 1032 lbs. (468 kg)

Also available: Hoist HD-4400 Multi Gym, 4-stack model. Details in the downlaodable Colour Brochure under the Related Files tab.

Download complete product details and the entire Hoist Strength Catalogue available from Medelco under the Related Files tab.

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