HUMAC Balance System

Computerized Stability and Balance Training

The HUMAC Balance System represents a breakthrough in the price and performance of computerized Balance Measurement and Training Systems. By coupling the HUMAC Balance Software with the most popular balance board in the gaming industry, CSMi is able to offer a complete Balance Training system at a fraction of the cost of other computerized balance systems on the market.

The HUMAC Balance System is ideal for the following patients & applications:

  • Orthopedic Post-Surgical & Post Trauma
  • Older Adult Fall Prevention
  • Neurologic Disorders
  • Vestibular Disorders
  • Concussion
  • Athletic Therapy and Sports Training

The HUMAC Balance System includes the following Measurement & Training Routines:

  • Random Control
  • Limits of Stability
  • Center of Pressure
  • Weight Shift
  • Curves
  • Roadway
  • Weight Bearing
  • Animal Adventure, Pong & Other Games

Limits of Stability Test - This testing mode has targets for patient to move towards. Will help you identify weak areas to design training programs around.

Weight Shift - Patients must control their center of gravity and shift their weight back and forth between two targets. Fully customizable for difficulty and direction of shift.

The HUMAC Software offers a full reporting suite for viewing and printing detailed reports on each session, and can be installed on your existing Windows PC or laptop. HUMAC Balance system is the lowest priced, most accurate and portable computerized balance system available. Stand sold separately.

Call Medelco today for complete details, or download the HUMAC Brochure under the Documenation link below.

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