HUMAC NORM Isokinetic Testing & Exercise system

Bringing Together Unparalleled Software and Mechanical Design

Medelco is proud to be the Canadian Distributor for Computer Sports Medicine Inc.

CSMi is proud to introduce the new HUMAC NORM Testing & Rehabilitation System. With the acquisition of CYBEX Medical, CSMi is now able to offer in one machine the industry leading HUMAC Software coupled with the proven mechanical design of the CYBEX NORM.

The HUMAC NORM is your solution for measuring and improving performance in the clinic, training room, and research laboratory. In one machine the HUMAC NORM offers 22 isolated-joint movement patterns, four resistance modes (isokinetic, isotonic, isometric, and passive) and numerous reports to meet the measurement and exercise needs of today's clinicians and researchers. The HUMAC NORM Extremity System's patented sliding chair/fixed dynamometer design minimizes floor space and setup times.

  • Patterns
    The HUMAC NORM includes attachments to perform 22 isolated patterns covering the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. Isolated patterns are used to accurately and carefully measure and build the foundation for safe functional testing and exercise.
  • Software
    Time is a limited commodity in every setting. To combat this problem, we developed the HUMAC. The HUMAC Software was designed with one goal in mind - move the user from patient setup to report in hand as quickly as possible.
  • Reports
    The HUMAC offers a variety of easy-to-read, easy-to-interpret reports. Full-page reports are in color and can be printed, previewed, e-mailed, or exported. Raw data is automatically saved so results are always calculated using the current preference settings.
  • Manufacturing Process
    HUMAC NORM Systems are manufactured just outside Boston in Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA. The HUMAC NORM consists of four compenent groups -metal fabrication, computer, electronics, and software. The manufacturing process is performed under our ISO9001 Certification Process.

Download the full HUMAC Norm Clinical Brochure from the Related Files tab.

Related Files

Download: HUMAC NORM Brochure

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