MediStik Professional DUAL

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MediStik™ DUAL is a unique and highly effective topical analgesic specifically formulated for the rapid relief of pain associated with stiff and sore muscles, strains and sprains, backache, and various joint, muscle and degenerative conditions.

MediStik™ is a dry semi-solid product that is applied directly from an easy to handle container. Application is mess free, and requires no rubbing in or post-application handwashing, as with other similar cream- or gel-based products.

Active ingredients:

  • 30% Methyl Salicylate
  • 15% Menthol
  • 1% Eucalyptus Oil

MediStik™ active ingredients -the highest concentrations of Methyl-Salicylate (30%) and Menthol (15%) allowed without prescription- provide an immediate cooling effect to relieve pain, a long lasting heat to soothe and relax, and deeply penetrate the affected area to reduce inflammation over time.