MedX 1100 Laser System w/450mW Laser

Now with higher power applicators, the new Med-X 1100 System offers a complete Clinical Laser Therapy system for treating a wide variety of conditions

The MED-X 1100 System includes three applicators: one hand-held Laser Applicator with 3 diodes and 450nmW total power, and 2 hands-free (strap-on) SLD Applicators with 1000mW total power each! A comprehensive and well illustrated treatment manual with treatment sites and dosages for all major body areas is included.

  • The Laser Applicator features 3 infrared laser diodes at 808nm for a total power of 450mW
  • The Cluster Applicators feature 48 SLD diodes offering a combination of infrared (870nm) and visible red (633nm) light and a total power of 1000mW
  • SLD Clusters can be strapped in place for hands-free treatment
  • Three output ports allows all applicators to remain plugged in and can be used together
  • Touch-pad control with LCD display for fast and easy treatment set-up
  • Set treatment parameters manually or from the built in protocol menu
  • Advanced Treatment Protocol binder provides dozens of protocols for all areas of the body with graphically illustrated treatment diagrams


Package Includes:

  • MedX 1100 Console
  • 450mW Handheld Laser Applicator (3-Diode)
  • 2 x 1000mW SLD Cluster heads with 48 diodes each
  • 2 pair Laser safety glasses
  • Treatment & Protocol Binder
  • Operating manual