MedX LCS-450 Portable Rechargeable Laser

MedX LCS-450 Portable Laser System

Portable Laser Therapy Device with three laser diodes of 808nm, 150mW each (total 450mW),operated from an internal rechargeable battery. Kit comes complete with charger, safety glasses,instruction manual and soft carrying bag. Ideal for treating soft tissue injuries and pain syndromes such as CTS, Tennis Elbow and LBP. Three diode applicator allows treatment of a larger area while easy to use operation allows full control over dosage applied.

  • Three 808nm Infrared Diodes, total of 450mW output power
  • One Red Visible Laser Diode as guide light
  • Internal rechargeable battery, when fully charged provides 2 continuous hours of treatment or over 200 treatment sets
  • Safety Key when removed prevents operation
  • LED Indicator light
  • Battery status indicator light
  • Audible tone indicator sounds at treatment start, finish and at 1J/cm2 intervals