Monark 881e Rehab Trainer

Monark Rehab Trainer 881 E can be used as either a leg or arm ergometer and can be used by physically handicapped patients such as paraplegics and amputees as an upper body ergometer and trainer. It is extremely useful for wheelchair patients or those who use walking aids, and can function as a cardiovascular upper body workout for paraplegics, amputees or people who suffer from other physical handicaps. Thanks to its reliable measuring methods the Monark Rehab Trainer is an excellent aid to recovery after injury or longterm illness.


  • Unit can be calibrated.
  • Graduated scale in Watts, showing the workload at 50 r/min.
  • Electronic readouts of pedal r/min, total pedal revolutions and time.
  • Crank arms are individually adjustable both horizontally and vertically.
  • Individual crank height adjustment.
  • Control knob for adjustment of brake force.