Optima Iontophoresis Electrodes - 12/Box

These OptimA Disposable Electrodes are buffered with an adhesive foam backing that allows them to go on and come off easily. These buffered electrodes create uniform current distribution for greater patient comfort and can stretch and adhere to most areas, even under stress. OptimA Disposable Electrodes feature a pH buffering agent that helps maintain an ideal pH for optimal transport. Electrodes are oval, and each box includes 12 kits, disposable dispersive pad and alcohol wipe.

  • pH Defining Agent: adjusts pH to ideal target of 4.5 to optimize transport when using a carbon conductive element
  • pH Buffering Agent: maintains ideal pH
  • Viscosity Enhancing Element: creates uniform current distribution for greater patient comfort; conforms to a wide variety of treatment sites; stretches and adheres well when under stress.
  • Small (Disposable electrodes, 1.5 cc fill, 12 kits* per box)