Pro-Tec Clutch Wrist Support - Sized

Applications: Provides support by stabilizing wrist. Offers effective relief for most wrist injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome.

How It Works: The Clutch wrist support will neutralize the wrist's ability to bend. This will reduce pressure on the median nerve and may relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Design Features:
1) Cool Max covered palm to:
a) transfer perspiration away from skin
b) allow for comfortable use of the hand in sports, typing, and other activities.
2) Dorsal Stays, for added stability
3) Velstretch for support control

Sizing Chart (Specify size when ordering):

  • Item 2600S R or L Small (5"-6'")
  • Item 2602L R or L Large (6'"-8'")
  • (Measurement circumference of wrist)