Pro-Tec X-Factor Knee Brace - XLarge

Provides warmth, compression and knee joint stability.

Medical Applications: Provides knee support and stability for knee injuries including patello-femoral pain and moderate ligament tears. May also provide appropriate support for a meniscus tear. While the X-Factor does not provide as much stability as a "hinged knee brace", it provides more support and stability than most sleeves and wraps. Check with your doctor for the correct knee brace for your condition.

How it Works: The X-Factor knee brace stabilizes the knee joint area, helping to prevent further injury. It contains an infrapatellar buttress to support the patella and help improve patellar tracking. Medial and lateral spiral stays provide additional stability to the ligaments of the knee joint.

Design Theory behind The X-Factor: Neoprene wrap is open behind the knee for greater comfort. Unique design offers a smaller, second layer of neoprene to provide custom fit and allow user to control amount of compression. Spirals stays and infrapatellar buttress provide additional support.

Size: (Circumference measured 3' above patella)

ORT-211 XLarge (19"-24")