Shuttle MVP Classic (Model 3100)

From acute phase closed-chain activities to end-stage plyometrics, the Shuttle MVP leads the way in progressive functional rehabilitation and sport-specific training.

  • Accelerate progressive functional rehab and training
  • Develop eccentric strength to prevent injury and enhance athleticism
  • Reduce spinal/joint compression forces of plyometrics

The MVP offers a whole body workout - core, upper-body, cardiovascular, the works. Horizontal orientation takes the load off vulnerable joints and the spine. The patented non-weight bearing rapid rebounding action helps train the neuromuscular system to fire faster to improve speed and strength. Available in models delivering resistance from 10% body weight up to 300, 500, and 700 pounds at maximum extension - the MVP is so much more than a leg press.

MVP Classic Package Includes:

  • Resistance: 12 to 300 lbs. at full extension
  • PowerGlide Backrest
  • 24" X 30" Adjustable Padded Kickplate
  • Pelvic Stabilization Handles
  • Adjustable Dual-density Headrest
  • Multi-Use Lateral Handles
  • Range of Motion Control

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Rehabilitation Features:

  • Accelerate healing through the controlled stressing of appropriate muscles and joints.
  • Accelerate balance and stability in less than body weight conditions.
  • Accelerate confidence in critical eccentric lower extremity motions.

Strength & Conditioning Features:

  • Build efficiency and technique in lower extremity performance workouts.
  • Build greater anaerobic/aerobic capacity.
  • Build strength and endurance to more effectively perform sport specific activities.

Plyometrics Features:

  • Increase lower extremity power to enhance sprinting, jumping, and acceleration.
  • Increase ballistic and foot speed skills to improve vital directional changes.
  • Increase speed and quickness at the neurological level to optimize performance results.


  • Resistance: 12 to 300 lbs. at full extension
  • Size: 34" wide x 109" long
  • Machine Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Carriage Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Structural Warranty: Five years

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