Shuttle Recovery Senior

The Shuttle Recovery is engineered with the same craftmanship as the Shuttle 2000-1 and MVP and is available at a very affordable price.

You can zero out the effects of gravity so a patient can start laying supine with range of motion and progress from resistance as low as 12Ã¥_ pounds all the way up to 300 pounds at full extension. Treat kids to seniors, post-op patients to high school athletes.

Recovery Features

  • Padded Kickplate: Oversized for a variety of activities, the 24" x 30" padded kickplate has a removable rubber pad and soft foam for joint protection.
  • Oversized Carriage: Two feet wide with capacity of 500 pounds, the carriage can accommodate patients of all sizes with comfort and confidence.
  • Head-end Resistance System: Pull straps at head-end make it easy for practitioner to change resistance loads during treatment without requiring the patient to get off and on the equipment. Pull straps also extend elasticord life.
  • Range of Motion Control: You can adjust the carriage to the kickplate and control the patient flexion angle. You can adjust the Recovery around the patient so they do not have to conform to the equipment.

Recovery Senior Includes:

  • 24" Horizontal Uni-Body Structure
  • Universal Headrest Plyometric
  • Cross Brace Proprioceptive Disk & Holder
  • Lower Extremity Isolation Belt Resistance: 12½ to 300 lbs. at full extension

Specs: Overall Footprint: 31" x 98", Resistance: 12½ to 300 lbs. at full extension, Carriage Capacity: 500 lbs.

Warranty: Structural - 2 years, Upholstery & Parts - 1 year.