SUMMUS P4 Class 4 Laser, 24W

SUMMUS P4 Class 4 Laser, 24W

1,300+ Phased Protocols

Designed and tested by doctors for doctors. Plus, create and save your own custom protocols.

2 Hand Piece Optics

Treatment versatility with our 50 mm broad beam (open lens & curved contact lens)

4 Wavelengths

  • • 650nm Accelerates Surface Healing
  • • 810nm Increases ATP Production
  • • 915nm Enhances Oxygen Delivery
  • • 980nm Improves Circulation.

Best-In-Class Warranty

Lifetime diode warranty and 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Optimal Power

The power range of our lasers provide a more effective & safe therapeutic treatment

Easy to Use

Intuitive touchscreen interface allows you to quickly set-up an expert treatment protocol




Neuropathy Treatment Center
Class IV laser therapy is a drug-free solution that is proven to be effective at treating the symptoms of neuropathy. In order to leverage this growing market, Summus Medical Laser™ offers Neuropathy Treatment Center, a proprietary, turn-key solution that can help you add this clinical treatment to your practice.

Performance Tracker
The Performance Tracker, included in the P4 and the Horizon, is an advanced practice management tool that will ensure your practice’s success with laser therapy. No other therapy laser can give you a real-time perspective on how you can better utilize the laser and maximize the return on your investment.





Technology Platform 7 Inch HD touch screen
Android platform
Wi-Fi enabled software updates
Condition Specific Protocols 1,300+
Wavelength Combinations (nm) 650nm, 810nm, 915nm, and 980nm
Wavelength Selectability 15 Combinations
Continuous Wave Power (CW) 24W
Intense Superpulse Peak (ISP) 28W
Hand Piece Optics (2) 50mm open lens and 50mm curved contact lens
Frequencies 1 to 20,000 Hz & ISP
Beam Profile Homogeneous
Diode High powered solid-state diode module
Battery Up to 1 hour (in-use)
7 hours (stationary)
30-minute recharge time
Interchangeable battery
Unlimited Patient History Data Yes
Laser Cable Rugged 3-Layer Polyimide
400-micron Fiber
Protective Eyewear 3 Pairs
Skin Tone Selection Yes
Clinical Support Yes
Weight Laser: 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5”(L) X 7.5”(W) X 11”(H)