TwinStim Plus 2nd Edition COMBO TENS + EMS (4ch)

The Twin Stim Combo is a 4 channel combination unit of TENS and EMS intended for use of pain relief, muscle reeducation, increasing local blood circulation and maintaining range of motion. There are 4 independent channels for a wide range of treatment options, featuring 5 TENS and 3 EMS modes. The unit is powered from 4 AA batteries.

Twin Stim Operating Modes (5 TENS, 3 EMS):

  • Burst: pulse rate adjustable 0.5- 5Hz, pulse width adjustable 50- 300ms., frequency fixed at 100Hz.
  • Normal: Pulse rate and width are fully adjustable
  • Modulation: pulse rate and pulse width are modulated in a cyclic pattern
  • SD1: Strength-Duration-1 modulation varies the intensity and pulse width by 40% each
  • SD2: Strength-Duration-2 modulation varies the intensity and pulse with by 70% each
  • Synchronous: stimulation on both channels happens simultaneously
  • Alternating: the stimulation on CH2 will occur after the 1st contraction of CH1 is completed
  • Constant: continuous stimulation, with only pulse width, rate and timer are adjustable


  • Easy-to-use button controls
  • Simple directions for use inside the cover
  • Patient compliance meter up to 999 hours
  • Unbreakable, stainless steel belt clip
  • Treatment timer 
  • Low battery indicator
  • Comes in hard-sided, protective, plastic cases
  • Utilizes standard lead wires and pigtail-style electrodes
  • Includes four lead wires, two packs (8) electrodes, manual, 4 AA batteries 

Technical Specifications

  • Channels: Four, isolated between channels
  • Amplitude: 0- 100mA
  • Pulse Rate: Adjustable from 2 to 150Hz, in 1Hz steps
  • Pulse Width: Adjustable from 50 to 300 microsec. in 10ms steps
  • Ramp Time: Adjustable 1-8 secs. in 1 sec steps
  • On Time: Adjustable 2-90 secs. in 1 sec steps
  • Off Time: Adjustable 0-90 secs. in 1 sec steps
  • Timer: 1 to 60 mins (1 min. steps) or Continuous
  • Wave form: Asymmetrical bi-phasic square pulse
  • Power source: Four 1.5V AA batteries (included) 
  • Size: 13.8cm x 7.8cm x 2.8cm, weight 276g.