Shuttle Balance System - Professional

Use and Features Overview:

  • Fall Prevention: To prevent a fall, simulate a fall - then work to develop the neuromuscular response and strength to avoid falls in the future. The Shuttle Balance does this in a totally unique way.
  • Neck & Cervical Injury: A new way to recreate the circumstances around a neck/cervical injury that then allow the patient's body to reestablish and develop neuromuscular responses to recover and prevent injury again.
  • Stroke Rehabilitation: Rehabilitating stroke patients requires a careful balance between offering a controlled, secure protocol while providing a delicate challenge to stimulate improvement. The Shuttle Balance can help you achieve both.
  • Vestibular & Vertigo: The Shuttle Balance allows you to work with patients who suffer from vertigo or vestibular problems by providing a safe, yet unstable, surface that can simulate a slip or fall.
  • The Safety Bar Grips provide security and comfort. The Balance Step accessory provides your most debilitated patients with easy ingress and egress.

View a short video on Shuttle Balance: ACL/Total Knee rehab on Shuttle Balance

Balance Professional includes:

  • Balance Board 24" x 30"
  • Height Adjustment Chains
  • Elastic Resistance Tethers
  • Rubber Stability Feet
  • Rugged Frame - 50" wide by 42"
  • Balance Step
  • Rail Grips

Specs: Overall Footprint: 43" x 5", Handle Height 41", Platform Dimensions: 24" x 3, Load Capacity: 500 lbs.

Download the Balance Features sheet under the Related Files tab, and call Medelco today for complete details!

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