Shuttle MiniPress

Designed to serve people in the early stages of recovery from knee surgery, hip surgery and other lower extremity trauma, the Shuttle MiniPress was developed to provide simple, quality movement shortly after surgery as well as expand into a low-level exercise program.

The MiniPress has a wide range of ROM possibilities. It can be used as a progressive form of "active CPM" in encouraging proprioception, and the elastic memory of the latex cords allows for both concentric and eccentric muscle loading. The Minipress weighs less than 15 pounds, yet with its Elasticord Resistance System can provide resistance from 2 lbs to approximately 90 lbs at full extension.

Portable and very treatment versatile, the patient can use the Mini Press on the floor, sitting in a chair/wheelchair, on a treatment table or in a hospital bed. Bring the Press to the Patient with the MiniPress.

MiniPress includes:

  • Adjustable Footplate
  • Accurate Tracking
  • Self Retracting Securing Cords
  • Roller Wheels
  • Convenient Handle

Hip Replacement

Standing, sitting, abduction, adduction - the MiniPress can help your hip replacement patients from all angles. And, it's small and mobile enough to go wherever you need to go.

Fall Prevention

To prevent a fall, you need to simulate a fall - then work to develop the neuromuscular response and strength to prevent falling.


Arthritis restricts or impedes movement. Patients want movement, bu they want and need it to be smooth, controlled, and easy. MiniPress can get limbs, joints and the body moving and the blood flowing - all wile the patient is comfortable, confident and eager to do more.

Download the MiniPress Features sheet under the Related Files tab, and call Medelco for complete details today!

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